Skanray ECG portfolio stretches across a suite of solutions that satisfies the varied needs of physicians and cardiologists. The solution portfolio includes a telemedicine ready PC based ECG system (Cardiskan Mini) which can be deployed in remote clinics and hospitals and tele-cardiology can be effectively practised. The ECG system also comes with an interpretation algorithm which instantly analyzes the waveforms and populates the differential diagnosis based on the ECG.

Orion Plus is a three channel ECG machine comes with a 3.5 inch color LCD display, 3+R printout on a wide 112 mm paper, Last patient data storage and quantitative measurements. The last patient Data file is available in the memory. Alarm for different fault condition as common error indicator is available. Orion Plus also features 1000 samples per second per channel for precise ECG display and easy one key operation for user friendliness.

Cardiskan is 12-channel ECG system with 3.5 inch TFT Display and resistive touchscreen. The system is simple to use with one-key operations for quick recording. The system also features built-in measurement and interpretation algorithms which simplifies the task of the technician and clinician

Apart from ECG systems and Defibrillator, Skanray will shortly launch the Tread Mill Test systems, Ambulatory BP and Holter systems thus increasing its footprint in the cardiology segment catering to various needs of the cardiologists and physicians.