• Electrically controlled Multi-Programmable Dental chair with 5 programmes (3 programmable & 2 Fixed)
  • Continental / International Delivery system with multifunctional feather touch controls and pneumatic vertical brake locking system
  • Assistant's module has couplings for light curing unit, 3 way syringe, high and low volume suction.
  • Patient chair is equipped with safety systems to prevent entrapment during operation.
  • White LED operating lamp with adjustable intensities (3000-31000 lux) and 3 axis movements. Removable and autoclavable lamp handles.
  • Cuspidor is made of high finish porcelain which is rotatable (160°), removable and disinfectable.
  • High speed wet-line suction with filter fitted hoses
  • Push Foot switch with filter fitted inbuilt pneumatic suction and Joystick to control chair Position.
  • Seamless Upholstery kit for oval back rest, seat and double joint headrest.

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