• Advanced anaesthesia workstation with 3 gas pipeline and cylinder connectivity
  • 5 Tube Rotameter with Low Flow Technology
  • Multi-layered barotrauma protection
  • Pneumatic Anti-Hypoxia device with ratio control
  • Dedicated additional N2O cutoff
  • Independent Auxiliary O2 output
  • Circle absorber with soda lime capacity of 1.3 kg
  • Auto bypass facility for uninterrupted ventilation
  • Integrated spirometry and oxygen monitor sensors
  • 10.4” intuitive ventilator touch display with advanced modes as standard
  • Internal 3 litre O2 reservoir
  • Dual Select-A-Tec vaporizer mount with interlocking feature
  • Discernible visual and audio alarms with customizable settings
  • Built-in battery back-up for support up to 3 hours

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